Live the thrill of climbing with We present to you the best climbing content on the internet. Not only are we a team of writers and climbers who go out there and practice the sport on a daily basis, we are also dedicated to ensuring you enjoy the thrill of climbing. 

We discuss and deal with the three main disciplines of climbing. Each has its own values, techniques, and training that needs to be specialized. 

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We will support you in all aspects of climbing

The lead climbing: 

We give you the best information out there on strategy concerning height and endurance. For 6 minutes, each of the climbers needs to do their best in order to climb the highest and win. 

The boulder climbing: 

It comes down to power and technique. You need to be super explosive here which is not what you’d think. It’s not just about having power, but it’s about having controlled movement. We will also deal with this type of climbing to help you excel at it. 

Speed climbing: 

It’s all about speed, this is where you put it all together, being able to have power, and endurance. This is highly technical and requires a solid strategy. 

What we do:

We help you get better at climbing by providing you with articles on every aspect of the sport. That way you can apply those skills in the outdoors. If you thought running to the top of the mountain gives you a rush of adrenalin, wait till you climb your way up through a mountain. 

  • Technique advice 
  • Training protocol
  • The best gear to use
  • How to strengthen your grip
  • Mental strategies 
  • Best safety methods
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Why we are the best at what we do:

We are a team of highly skilled climbers and we’ve done some of the toughest climbs in the world. We understand better than anyone how important it is to get the most accurate information. 

We only promote products and gear we’ve used and have had success and the same goes for our content. The advice we give on this website is tried and tested by some of the most renowned climbers in the world. will also help you with the technical side of mountain climbing and we all know that the mental side is half the game. You can’t just wander your way through a course because you will have a lot of difficulties. Getting better as a climber is a lot more than just grip, speed, and power, it’s also about understanding your body, the terrain, and the movement. 

We really believe in climbing as it’s our favorite sport out there, you just begin to lose track of time as you get through a tough run. During all that time, you’re developing your hand skills, grip, and burning a lot of calories. It’s so common to see some of our followers get shredded just by rock climbing for a few weeks. 


Develop your body and torch the fat all while having fun. Climbing is such a great experience and presents a new dimension to your training. If you want a way to get abs and have fun, this is it!


Safety is very important for rock climbing, but it should not paralyze you. You will find a lot of information about safety and how to protect yourself


Climbing is a performance sport and we will help with all of its aspects. This includes training, techniques, and all the ins and outs.