About Us

We are a group of climbers who have had a lot of experience in all kinds of terrains. Each one of us has mastered all forms of climbing and we’re here to bring you how we do it. We practice in New Zealand, so we will show you the best gyms for your city as well as the best places to go outdoors. 

The adventure of climbing

We will bring you a ton of information from around the world including New Zealand on events, seminars, techniques, gyms, training, diet, and advice on how to become the fastest and most efficient climber. 

We are very active members of the climbing community, so we know a lot about New Zealand climbing. This is why we will know the seminars, events, competitions, and the best places to go to for climbing. 

Let’s make climbing a sport that everyone enjoys both physically and mentally. Join our group and we will be devoted to sharing with you the blueprint to becoming the best climber in the business.